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Here you can find a variety of works by Sergio Toporek.
All pieces are inspired by nature, combining science and mysticism with impeccable aesthetics.

We offer a wide range of options, from exquisite originals, to elegant limited edition prints and beautifully produced posters. Look around to find the one that meets your taste and needs.

Sergio has also created commissioned work for residential, commercial and corporate spaces. Large format pieces in a variety of materials such as specialty papers, canvas and backlit film can be produced at your request. If you are interested in commissioning a location-specific piece, please contact us.

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Fine Structure


Limited Editions

The Inspiration of St. Remy

Organized Paganism I

Organized Paganism II

Gaston and Julia

Tropic of Cantor




Indra's Web

Double Singularity

Lorenz the Hypnotist I

Lorenz the Hypnotist II

As Above, So Below

As Below, So Above

Kujaku Myo-O


Fine Structure