For Vilamon a.k.a. “Cachete” on her upcoming birthday.
Celebrating 10 years of great friendship and unconditional love.


I am happy you’re not mine,
“mine” is not a thing to be.
I am happy you can fly
like the sun over the sea.

I am happy you’re not mine
’cos possessions are not free.
I do love to watch you shine
like a star, eternally.

I am happy you’re not mine
or his or hers or anyone’s.
You’re compassionate and kind
sharing all that’s in your hands.

I am happy you’re not mine,
I’m just happy that you are,
and I know I have been blessed
to be here at the same time.

For many lifetimes and ten years
we’ve shared laughter and some tears.
You’re not mine, but I don’t care,
in your next life I’ll be there.


That’s me in Acapulco and Vilamon in Thailand when we were babies.
One of the funnest Photoshop projects I’ve ever done.