Adam sighed and said to Eve
I think we’d better leave
Since we had forbidden fruit
Good and bad are in dispute
Damn that knowledge tree
It just won’t let me be

There we were in Paradise
And it all seemed pretty nice
Things were never short or tall
They just were, and that was all!
Damn that dreadful snake to hell
Now we’ll have to go as well

And so it seems to be my fate
To roam in exile with my mate
All we see we must compare
Measure, label and declare
Classify, categorize…
What’s the color of your eyes?

The snake became our constant pet
Its apple now: a TV set
Long-haired, lipstick and dark glasses
Sells temptation to the masses
Its venom makes you insecure
Call right now to buy the cure!

Comparing grades and salaries
Body weights and calories
Live in constant rivalry
See your friends as enemies
Handsome, ugly, fat or fit
Keep comparing, you can’t quit

But if you stop idealizing
You will soon be realizing
That we were there all along
That there was no right or wrong
Paradise is always there
When you dare not to compare